Kennedy Center CETA Program Awards Arlington Teachers

Arlington teachers from Abingdon Elementary, Drew Model School and Kenmore Middle School were honored at the Kennedy Center’s Certificate of Study Awards Dinner on Friday, May 13th. The teachers were among the 69 D.C. Metropolitan area educators that have successfully completed the Kennedy Center’s Changing Education Through the Arts (CETA) program.

Through CETA’s courses and workshops, led by expert artists and artisans, teachers learn various ways to integrate the arts in their teaching of math, science, social studies and the language arts. Anne Sywilok, Abingdon Elementary Science teacher, has taught for 34 years. “This innovative program cultivates an active, fun and highly engaged learning environment for all students. Furthermore, second language learners communicate and understand at a higher level.” Her colleague, Carrie Abbott, Abingdon Elementary Communications teacher says, “CETA builds confidence in learning. Every year I witness shy students that blossom into open and expressive learners.”

Abingdon Elementary has the largest contingent of CETA certificate recipients. Under the leadership of Principal Joanne Uyeda, Abingdon’s partnership with CETA has fostered higher testing scores, a culture of engaged students and a loyal and dedicated teaching staff. Principal Uyeda commented after the event, “It was an honor to celebrate with 17 Abingdon teachers. This is another example of the staff’s continued commitment and dedication to their own professional learning and the education of our students.”

This program requires teachers to study after school, during the school day, on weekends and during the summer. Amy Duma, Director of the John F. Kennedy Center’s Teacher and School Programs says, “We salute these teachers who are going the extra mile to make a difference in their students’ lives. These students develop vital 21st century skills, such as collaboration, critical thinking, communication, and creativity. The arts bring a sense of excitement and joy into the classroom.”


We’d like to welcome and thank our latest Arlington Kids Contributor, Dan Branch for writing this post. Dan, originally from Michigan, has lived in Arlington since 1998 with his lovely wife and three kids. He received his Masters in Adult Education from George Mason University just in time to be a legitimate fan of the GMU Patriot Final Four Basketball team and has spent 4 years as an avid fan, parent and volunteer of the Abingdon Elementary Cardinals.


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