Claremont Elementary School Honored as Immersion School of the Year

Embassy of Spain in the United States and Canada honored Claremont as Immersion School of the Year last week. The school was one of seven schools across the country that has been recognized for Content and Language Integrated Learning programs in English and Spanish. As part of the recognition, Claremont received $4,000 that will be used to support Spanish language instruction.

This year marks the 40th anniversary of immersion programs in the United States. Currently there are over 500 immersion schools in the country.

Immersion programs benefit students in many ways. Here are just a few.

  • Fluency in two languages
  • Positive effect on intellectual growth
  • Enhanced problem-solving skills
  • Increase future job opportunities
  • Early second language experiences provide greater opportunities for native-like pronunciation

In Claremont’s K-5 dual language immersion program, children learn a second language in a natural way through everyday conversation and content instruction.
(via APS)


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