Local Mom Starts Theatre Company: Education and Theatrical Shows for Young Children

Michelle Kozlak, an Alexandria Mother started  non-profit childrens theatre focused on education and theatre productions for children 0-6 years.

Art on the Horizon, performances are designed to take place in an intimate setting where children not only feel comfortable to learn and explore, but are also able to be an integral part of the performance. We have the utmost respect for children and want, what may be their first theatrical performance, to entertain them, challenge them, spark creativity and enhance the imaginative play in which many children this age engage.

Their inaugural show in late May, will be held at Landmark Mall in Alexandria. The show, called Drumming with Dishes is a world-premiere production. It’s a 30-minute interactive, non-verbal show, which features two adult actors and a musician. It is geared towards children ages 2-5.

About the production:

Drumming with Dishes
By: David Kilpatrick
Directed by: Jennifer Furlong

Join an adventurous toddler as she introduces her imaginary friend to a very special kitchen, where instead of food, they’ll cook up beautiful music! This gentle, whimsical adventure celebrates turning the ordinary into the extraordinary as you never know just what will become a musical instrument next. Pasta box shakers and dishes drumming away with spoons are just some of the friendly surprises that encourage a child’s sense of play. And as our heroine empowers her timid friend to create music, we discover just what wonders can be accomplished when we all work together.

Location:   Landmark Mall, 5801 Duke Street, Suite E-216, Alexandria, VA

Dates:   May 18-June 5, 2011

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One response to “Local Mom Starts Theatre Company: Education and Theatrical Shows for Young Children

  1. Very cool program! Nice write-up!

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