Bonding Mom’s and Their “Tween” Daughters Through Yoga: Dream Yoga Studio Makes it Possible

Finally….  a Yoga class for Mothers and Daughters that is focused toward tweens.

Mondays beginning on April 25th from 3:30-4:30pm Dream Yoga, located in  McLean, VA will begin a 5 week session of classes called “Mother Daughter Yoga”. It’s for girls ages 8 and above. A great way for moms and daughters to connect.

A gentle yoga class that will include breath work, stretching, and individual and partner poses in a relaxed atmosphere. Each class will end with a relaxation meditation. This is a special time that is meant to honor each other and create an atmosphere of physical and emotional health together. If moms aren’t available, other female family members or close friends are also welcome as partners for the girls.

The class is taught by Judi Eskovitz who specializes in yoga for kids.

Dream Yoga offers a wide variety of classes and workshops for Adults and Children.

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