Frog Pond Early Learning Center Open House – Preschool through Nature

Frog Pond, an inclusive non-profit early learning center for children from toddlerhood (18mths) to pre-kindergarten, is having an open house:

Saturday, March 12th
9 – 11 am
7204 Harrison Lane, Alexandria, VA 22306 (adjoining Huntley Meadows Park)

Frog Pond offers …

– A curriculum rich in science and nature study – and a dedicated science teacher!

– A natural environment on two acres of land adjoining Huntley Meadows Wildlife Refuge.

– A mini-farm with goats, chickens and native creatures.

– Healthy and nutritious foods, like fresh-made meals, fresh fruit, and organic milk, cheese, whole grains snacks and more.

– Full-time and part-time options (based on whole day; up to 10 hours per day. No reduced-fee, part-day options available)


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