Online Registration Began Today for Arlington Summer Camps

Were you up at 7am this morning when online registration for Arlington County Summer Camps began? Did you get your spot?

If you missed the early risers, it may not be too late. Registration online is suggested and Phone and Fax registration doesn’t begin until March 2nd.

There are many different types of camp offerings this year….

  • Classic Camps offer a variety of programming options, both structured and unstructured, that include art, sports, trips and more.
  • Overnight Camps are a combo of a classic camp, nature/adventure camp and sleepover.
  • Nature, Adventure & History Camps are for kids who love the outdoors and want to learn about and enjoy nature and h istory…and maybe stretch their limits with challenges such as canoeing, caving and more.
  • Creative Arts Camps come in every shape and size, for those who want to learn to paint a picture, act in a play, throw a pot, sing a song and more!
  • Sports Camps are available for the sports enthusiast who enjoys every sport in a sport combo camp, or for the camper who wants to learn or refine skills in a specific sport camp such as basketball or tennis.
  • Camps for Individuals with Disabilities are camps specifically designed for individuals with physical, emotional, social or cognitive/mental challenges
  • Imagination Exploration Camps brings kids with special interests in science, magic, history and imagination strategy games together.
  • Neighborhood-Based Outreach Programs are community center-based programs for those who are looking for flexible, mid-day programs that will engage kids.

View the entire catalog here.
Register here.


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