Surf Legend Shaun Tomson to Visit Arlington Tonight to Promote His Childrens iPhone App and Digital Book (2.18.11)

Surf legend, Shaun Tomson, one of the greatest and most influential surfers of his time will be hosting an exclusive event at the South Moon Under Clarendon store on Friday, February 18th at 6p.m. The Clarendon store is located at 2700 Clarendon Blvd, Ste. R440, Arlington, VA 2201.

South Moon Under is inviting children and families to meet Tomson as he introduces his innovative children’s storybook iPhone app, “Surf Creatures.”  At this family event, Tomson will also be signing his best selling book Surfer’s Code – 12 Simple Lessons for Riding Through Life.

“Surf Creatures” is an innovative children’s storybook iPhone app made for families featuring 26 animated rhymes about thefierce and friendly creatures that live under Tomson’s surfboard. “Surfers are the only people in the world that come into daily contact with such a wide variety of wild creatures. I thought it would be entertaining and educational for kids and their parents to hear about the wonderful creatures with which we share the ocean. One of the most important things a child can do is connect with our oceans,” says Tomson.

With the “Surf Creatures” app users get a taste of Tomson’s wild surfing adventures while learning about the creatures that make up the ocean.  He was inspired to make the storybook an app because, “I am the father of a 16 month old and I loved rhymes growing up. I thought it would be fun for my son to listen to rhymes about the creatures that live under my surfboard.  There is nothing better than reading to a child and I hope that this app encourages more of it” according to Tomson.  Not only can users hear Tomson read his tale, but through the apps unique Storytalk feature, parents have the option of recording their own voices for their children, “this feature makes it possible for parents who are away from their children to still “read” them a bedtime story” says Tomson.


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