APS (Arlington Public Schools) | It’s Been a Rough Semester (Updated 2.2.11)

As Arlington students prepare to receive their report cards this week, APS seems to be having a bit of a rough semester.

Last month there was the removal of Social Studies textbooks from 4th grade classrooms. This has been a statewide issue.

Last week there was the parental upset over APS decision to call for one early release and two “snow days”.

Then the article that outraged parents near and far by the  Washington Post reporting the removal of a 3 year old from the Claremont Montessori program for to many “potty training accidents”.

This week, Washington-Lee High School (temporarily) loses their Arabic teacher to the chaos in Egypt.

Today, the resignation of Williamsburg Middle School Principal Kathleen Francis.

(UPDATED 2.2.11)
Response statement from APS regarding the resignation of Principal Kathleen Francis.

The Resignation of the Williamsburg Middle School Principal:
We were saddened to hear that Ms. Francis has chosen to resign her position as principal at Williamsburg Middle School in the middle of the school year.
Her letter suggests that she is very angry, but we feel that it is unfortunate she has chosen to express her opinion by publicly attacking the professionalism of others.
It has always been the practice of the Arlington Public Schools to not discuss Personnel issues.
While it is regrettable that Ms. Francis has decided to air her opinions in this manner, APS will continue to respond with a higher level of professionalism and cannot discuss Ms Francis’s actions now or in the future. However, we deny that there has been any discrimination, and we are exercising our authority to take steps to provide the best educational learning environment for students.
At this time, our primary focus is to take appropriate and immediate steps to put a highly-qualified team of administrative leaders in place at Williamsburg to ensure that we provide the best instructional support and leadership for the school, our students, family and staff.

As this process evolves, we will keep the Williamsburg community informed about our deliberations and decisions. (via Washington Post)


Tonight, we’re slated to see a heavy icing from the Winter storm that has shut down roads, schools and businesses across much of the country. How will Arlingtonians feel if schools are delayed or closed this Wednesday?

Much of the blame for problems across the board seems to be directed toward APS Superintendent, Dr. Pat Murphy. He’s beginning to see quite a bit of backlash from all sides over multiplying issues. How do you feel about the direction of blame? What can be done about the issues the APS community has been facing?

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