Arlington Public Schools Closed Fri, Jan. 28 (Offices Open)

All Arlington Public Schools will be closed Friday, January 28. Offices will be open and a liberal leave policy is in effect. Essential personnel are to report to  work. Extracurricular activities, interscholastic contests, team practices, field trips, adult and community education classes, and recreation programs in schools and on school grounds are canceled. For updates about Pool Operations, go to . For updates about Arlington County operations go to . (via APS)


One response to “Arlington Public Schools Closed Fri, Jan. 28 (Offices Open)

  1. Hello:
    It is highly ridiculous that schools in Arlington are closed for 2 days because of 2″ snow, whereas NY city got an estimated 19″ and their schools are open. Something is clearly wrong with this picture. Our education system is already mediocre at best and irresponsible decisions such as these only seek to push us further behind the rest of the world. Parents need to take control of the system and contact the Superintendent, principals, the school boards and those in authority to decry the absurdity of these policies regarding school closures. I can only hope that there will be make up days.
    F. Henry
    Parent of a 1st grader

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