Stuck Inside and Feeling the Winter Blues? Clean Up and Clean Out. Prep for Spring!

After reading several articles about how the last couple of weeks (out of the entire year) are the ones where people are feeling there most blue, I was looking for a way to curb that ick..blah.. feeling.  It’s time to clear out the clutter and prepare for Spring!

We talked to Erin Morris at Second Hands Kids Consignments and they are cleaning out their closets and looking for others to follow suit. Second Hands Kids Consignments holds consignment sales in Fairfax/Arlington/Alexandria area a few times a year and they’re looking for consignors to register to sell their families goods and make a little Spring spending money.

If you register to consign before February 12th you may receive an additional 5% of your sales making 65% in profit.  If you register early AND volunteer you still receive your 5% you would for volunteering making your total 70% of profits.  We are also offering anyone who has over $250 worth of inventory entered into the computer will receive their $8 registration fee back in their final check.

Take advantage of one of these “winter mix” days, pull out your kids outgrown clothes and accessories and get selling! The sale itself is scheduled to be held on March 11-13.

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