Arlington Public Schools Celebrate International Walk or Bike to School Day

October is “International Walk or Bike to School Month,” held every October to promote good health and environmental awareness in communities across the nation. This years featured school is Taylor Elementary. Students of Taylor can expect to find supporters along their path providing refreshments and encouragement. All of Arlington Public Schools will participate in the event tomorrow, October 6th from 7:30 am until 9:30 am.

This is the twelfth year APS has been involved and Arlington Kids’ 3rd year of participation. Check out our first year participating where we brought in National Wildlife Federation spokesperson David Mizejewski and Ranger Rick to Arlington to help us celebrate.

Get outside and Walk or Bike to with your kids to school on Wednesday.

Need a map for the walk/bike path around your child’s school? Click a link below.

You can support your neighborhood school and students by making signs of support  and cheering them on along their walk/bike path tomorrow morning.

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