Welcome Back to School Arlington!

Arlington goes back to School.

Welcome back Arlington Students, Teachers and Parents!

We begin another year of fun and learning.

2 responses to “Welcome Back to School Arlington!

  1. Today, my family attended the Bull Run Regional Park’s Carnival. It was empty and yet a fun outing with some very kid-friendly rides. It was so sad to see only 20 families taking advantage of it so I thought to post info about it here. The “carnies” told me the County did not marketing of the event which I suspected as I only saw it while surfing the No. VA Regional Parks website for activities. Anyway, here is the link where I found information. It’s open all day tomorrow, 9/12.

    • Hi Angie,

      That IS unfortunate that the word wasn’t out. We try to catch these kind of things but missed this one completely. If you took any photos of the event, we’d love for you to share them and your experience with other families who follow Arlington Kids. Send us an email at arlingtonkids@gmail.com and we can go from there. Arlington needs more families like yours to share community info.


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