Cat’s and Dogs “The Revenge of Kitty Galore” – Review

Cat's & Dogs Screening - 7.24.10

I know… I know… we’ve been talking a lot about this movie. But we finally got to see it last week at the advanced screening so now we can share our thoughts.

Here’s the mini review:

The film begins with a very James Bond, 007 opening and with the 3D it was actually interesting to watch. A good opening song “Get this Party Started” by Dame Shirley Bassey, that compliments the opening visuals.

The story line, and casting and references recognizable to adults this film was such that parents could tolerate and even have a few natural giggles themselves. You’ll here familiar voices from Christina Applegate, Katt Williams, Nick Nolte and “Kitty” herself, Bette Midler.

Cat's & Dogs Screening - 7.24.10

Recognize that this is a movie made for kids played by real life animals with human voices. It’s not Toy Story or Dispicible Me but if you’ll let go and accept it as a summer kid flick it’s all good.

It’s a spy adventure, it’s got humor (see catnip scene, hilarious), it’s summer. Take the kids, let go and have some family fun!


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