Let’s Dish! Groupon Deal and Second Sundays are Bring Your Kid Sundays!

Good Food for Busy Famlies

We were tipped off on a service and a pretty good deal today and thought we should share.

Let’s Dish! A service that provides super-fresh ingredients (including all-natural chicken breasts and locally sourced beef) are already diced, sliced, and ready to go.

Until THIS Sunday night, if you’re a new customer (if you’re not check this out) to Let’s Dish!, you  can get in on the savings.  $79, and you get eight meals for two to three people or four meals for four to six people—that’s four family-sized entrees, one side, and one dessert, plus an order of scones. Have a look at their menus.

Meal Prep

Get the deal on Groupon then set up an account with Let’s Dish! online and set up your one two-hour in-store assembly session, a $136 value.

You can use this session of food preparation to share the joy of cooking with kids age 8 and up on Second Sundays. So clear out your freezer and get cooking!

We got a quote from one local family on what they think about Let’s Dish!

“One of our favorites is on this month’s menu: Firecracker Chicken, chicken tenders breaded in a slightly spicy, always-crunchy coating and served with a sweet dipping sauce of orange marmalade and lime.  Enjoy with a side of baked sweet potato fries. Our kids love it!”


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