It’s National Gummi Worm Day – 7.15.10

wiggly worms

It’s National Gummi Worm Day Today!

We had no idea there was a day just for these wiggly worms.

Did you know?

Gummi worms were first created by the German company Trolli in 1981, nearly 60 years after the invention of the gummi bear. Believe it or not, gummy worms were originally intended as a way for kids to shock their parents!

Today, gummi worms come in a variety of sugary and sour flavors and have become the most popular gummi candy ever made. Customers buy gummi worms because they love the taste just as much as the texture. In fact, the word gummi comes from the German word for “rubber.” Gummi worms are so popular that they even have their own fan pages on Facebook! On these pages, fans express their love for the gummi delights and participate in contests.

Sticky and sweet, yet creepy and crawly, these four-inch long candies brighten anyone’s day. Pick up a bag today to celebrate National Gummi Worm Day!

via: mypunchbowl

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