In the District: 14th and U Farmers Market

Saturday, July 10th we ventured out and in to the District during the rainy morning to the 14th and U Farmers Market when we heard that our Arlington Markets had closed due to storms. Now while we ❤ our the Arlington Farmers Markets, this one was quite nice too.

Kid Tips: Try giving your kid $10 and letting them buy anything they want as long as it’s something they’ve not tried or they’re unsure of. This puts the deciding power into a picky eaters hands. You never know, they may discover they do actually love that apricot. Another plus… the vendors have lots of things to try while you’re shopping and they’re generous!

Next time, I promise we’ll hit the Arlington Farmers Markets because there is a blueberry farm and a pickle vendor that you’ll want to know about. But for now…

Some of our favorite vendors at 14 and U:

  • Pecan Meadow Farm (Meats, Eggs, Veggies, Bread) – 717.423.5363
  • DolceZZa (Gelato – try the Blackberry Cream and Opal Basil)

Have a look at some of the delights we found on our little adventure.

Beautiful Purple Onions

Rain couldn't stop shoppers!

Selecting Nectarines

Selecting Nectarines


Some of the Greenest Beans we've seen!

Blueberries and Apricots

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