Saturday, October 31st

Harry Potter’s Plants and Potions @ Green Spring Gardens Park (Alexandria, VA)

Calling all Muggles! Kids can conjure up some magic in the gardens as they explore the magical powers of Harry Potter’s favorite plants. They craft their own wizards’ wands and collect recipes for potions – just in time for Halloween.

Sunday, November 1st

Sunday’s Spotlight

Mommy and Me Movies @ Arlington Cinema Draft House
A movietime exclusively for moms (and dads, too!) with infants. The lights are dimmed and the sound level is reduced so parents can see and hear their babies throughout the show (which changes regularly, depending on the theater’s current schedule). Strollers can be brought into the theater.

Seasons of Light @ Discovery Theater (DC)

Discovery Theater’s seasonal favorite celebrates the warmth of world holidays filled with light and love. Children visit the traditions of Devali, Ramadan, Sankta Lucia, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Las Posadas, Christmas, and a First Nations tradition of the Winter Solstice. On Saturday, December 12 families can stay after the show for a holiday cookie tasting.





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