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Fanciful “industrial re-percussion” is the bare minimum of what one could say of Billy Jonas.  Billy resides in Ashville, North Carolina and has been in the biz since 1987.  Not bad for a guy who looks no older than 25 (but shows that he indeed holds the musical complexity of a seasoned musician of his actual age).  He’s performed with the likes of Patti Larkin, Ani DiFranco, David Wilcox, Richard Thompson, and Pete Seeger.  I knew after the first song that there was more to this guys sound than just a children’s music performer. I actually liked it, jammed to it and bought merch!

Using recycled object instruments, as well as traditional sounding instruments (guitar, bass, Middle Eastern & African percussion). We moved to the groove while he and his vocal partner Ashley, sang songs like “What Kind of Cat are You?” which we thought was hilarious, thoughtful and inspired great audience participation. “Zack’s Walk”, was a lot of multi-tasking on Billy’s part while keeping his audience enthralled with a natural hypnotic percussion and excellent story line.  I felt “To be One” was a serenade of the beauty in individuality, unity and strength that we hold as beings that share the same world. Finally, “Old Saint Helen”,  this song is one Billy Jonas has become known for.

The whole family, young ones and old(er) can get wrapped up in the experience of a Billy Jonas show. We highly recommend you catch a show or at least check out his site and grab some music. You won’t regret!

Check out the photos from the show below.


Billy Jonas and kids from the audience. Photo by: Jade, age 7


Footsie Instruments! Photo by: Jade, age 7


Billy Jonas - Photo by: Jade, age 7


Vocalist, Ashley & audience participant. - Photo by: Jade, age 7


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