ArtomaticLogoIf you do nothing else with your kids this weekend, go to Artomatic.
Artomatic is a five-week, multimedia arts event held in Washington, D.C. And will host 40 FREE hands on activities!




Check out activities they have planned for this weekend. And RSVP for the other 4 weekends of creative fun!

Saturday, June 6

Noon – 2pm – FULL CLASS2 – 4pm – Collages Inspired by Matisse (Age: 8-13)2 – 4pm – Pancake Mountain/Best of Gava/Gate Animation
4 – 6pm –Slam Poetry Crash Course for Teenagers by Gayle Danley

Sunday, June 7

Noon – 2pm – Seed Mosaics & Seed Rattles by Sara Wildberger (Ages: 3+ up)
2 – 4pm – FULL CLASS -Klee Time
5 – 5:45 – Kids Tour of Mixed Media at Artomatic with Alex Zealand
5 – 6pm –
Zen Shorts Storytelling & Art Activity by Jindra Cekan (Age: 5+ up)


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