Apparently I’ve been a Digital Mom for ohh….. around 8-9 yrs now. Starting with the days of pre-preg message boards on BabyCenter.com during it’s infancy. Now I have my very own label. Who knew!?!

I didn’t realize that being a Mom and using cell phone/data devices/blackberry’s, blogs, message boards, digital cameras & i-pods were all making me kind of cool. I just thought they were making my life as a mom/multi-tasker of life just a little bit easier. But it seems that we now have a label too.

DIGITAL MOM’s – LIFE 2.0. Check out the TODAY Show piece from this morning. Digital Dad’s….. Want do be one?  They’ve got you covered too.  Check out the cheat  sheet.

Now what I want to know is,  are Digital Parents the majority or the minority? And how do you balance  tech in your life? Hmmmm……


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  1. Hey Natalie!
    I guess we’ve been cool for a long time! Digital Moms Rock! 🙂

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