What is Power Shift ‘09?

February 27 to March 2, 10,000 young leaders from around the world will kick off a historic year by traveling to Washington, D.C. to demand that the President and Congress rebuild our economy and secure our future by passing a bold, just climate and energy policy that prioritizes renewable energy and green jobs.

Young people voted and volunteered in record numbers in the 2008 election to elect candidates they believed would put their future first. Now, we are coming to DC to make sure a healthier, more prosperous, sustainable, and equitable future becomes a reality.

Power Shift ‘09 comes at a key moment in history. A new administration is in power, our Congress will be voting on policies that could create a clean energy future, and youth have an opportunity to take a leadership role in all of it. Our political moment is now, and we must not
let it pass by.

Power Shift ’09 will show decision-makers, peers and the world that re-invigorating the economy and securing a clean energy future are one and the same.

Visit the Website, Facebook, MySpace or Follow them on Twitter.

Learn how you can get involved.

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