“Arlington Kid” Angelika reports from the National Gallery of Art in Washington DC. Here is a little about her visit.


Kids really enjoy the prisms because they can see themselves and others from multiple angles. Angelika created her “Matisse” cut-out collage at 1 of the NGA’s * free * family programs.


National Gallery of Art Sculpture Garden. It’s a great place to let the kids explore because the sculptures look different wherever you go. The perspective changes and so the kids can become really enchanted by the trick of the eye–a non-moving work of art that seems to follow you around. There’s also an ice skating risk, which is a lot of fun!


The garden is a wonderful way to explore different kinds of sculpture in a nice setting. It’s across the mall from the National Gallery of Art so it’s easy to get to. Both settings are great places for a picnic lunch or a quiet respite. The Hirshhorn is round, which makes it very special. Angelika loves running around in circles outside the museum and pretending she’s Cinderella when she goes down the stairs–she kept stepping out of her shoes and leaving them on the stairs!

natl-gallery-feb09-022-copy natl-gallery-feb09-051-copy

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  1. Angelika, This looks like so much fun!

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