Secret Agent 23 Skidoo @ Jammin Java (Vienna, VA)

Secret Agent 23 Skidoo is on a not-so-secret mission. By combining the world of infectious beats and rhymes that he grew up on with the magical realm of childhood, He aims to introduce kids to hip hop without compromising either one.

Huntley Meadows Park & Visitor Center (Alexandria, VA)

Huntley Meadows Park offers trails through 1,424 acres of forest, meadows, and freshwater wetlands. Kids will delight in spying turtles, frogs, water snakes, butterflies, and beavers from the boardwalk and observation towers. The park is also an oasis for more than 200 species of birds, including hawks, humming birds, egrets, and herons. The trails are kid-friendly and wheelchair accessible.

Hansel and Gretel @ Elden Street Players (Herndon, VA)

Hansel and Gretel have heard all the stories about the mysterious witch in the forest, and only partially believe them to be true, until they’re lost in the woods and actually meet her.

Madame Hagatha Grundilly Sweetbriar is the zaniest witch anyone could ever hope (or not hope) to encounter. Accompanied by her broom, Shibboleth, and assisted by her two apprentices, Dizzy Weirdeena and Rasputin Machiavelli Vampiro III, she lures Hansel and Gretel to her delectable gingerbread, candy and ice cream house in the heart of the forest. There she holds them captive, threatening to bake them into gingerbread.

The Armadillo’s Song @ Classika Theatre (Arlington, VA)

A Latin American folktale about an armadillo, who longs to be a singer. All the other animals mock him for his dreams, but a traveling musician helps him become a great singer.

Let it Snow, Let it Snow @ Aladdin’s Lamp Children’s Books (Arlington, VA)

Come and warm up and listen to stories all about the cold weather out there, including Pip & Squeak by Ian Schoenherr and Hush Little Polar Bear by Jeff Mack. 703.241.8281

Kids’ Day Out: Science Games & Crafts @ Lakeshore Learning Store (Alexandria, VA)

Science Games
Kids can drop in to participate in science games and activities, including a dino-dig, magnet experiments, microscope viewings, and solar system explorations.

Crafts for Kids
Staff members guide kids through entertaining, creative activities at the arts and crafts table. Parents are welcome to join in, or take the opportunity to shop. A different craft is featured every week at this drop-in craft workshop; check the store’s website for a list of scheduled crafts. 703.719.0202

Saturday Language and Culture Programs @Parlez Vous… Culture Center (Alexandria, VA)

Turn off the Saturday morning cartoons! Join an hour of activities, songs, arts and crafts, stories, and projects introducing children to Chinese, German, Spanish, or Italian language and culture.


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