In this digital age we live in we seem to have lost the art of taking pen to paper and writing a sincere and thoughful thank you note. That is until now. We’re seeing a positive trend of parents taking the time to create a new tradition with their children. One that teaches you to stop and take the time to be mindful of the gifts we’re given, be grateful and truly appreciate those in your life.

Start by explaining why it’s so meaningful to write a note of grattitude.  Did you know that writing a “thank you” note is a simple, proven way to boost a child’s gratitude? That’s what researchers from the University of California at Davis and Southern Methodist University have found. Consider what is age appropriate for your child. For the very young child you may want to purchase fill in’s. Cute little fill in the blank notes. Challenge your child to think of creative mediums to work with. Here are some cute ideas we found.

Eco Friendly – Make your own

Good Luck and Happy Thanking!

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