October, is “International Walk or Bike to School Month.” Each fall, millions of children, parents teachers and community leaders across the globe walk or bike to school to encourage walking and biking in their communities.

Arlington Public Schools (APS) and Arlington County has worked together to create walk-friendly neighborhoods, and this year marks the 10th year of participation in Walk or Bike to School Month. This year they have collaborated with WALK Arlington, Abingdon Elementary and the National Wildlife Federation. These issue leaders encourage families to walk and bike to school while educating them on the health and environmental benefits of walking and biking.

Walk and Bike to School Day also helps us raise global awareness about the importance of pedestrian safety education, minimizing traffic in neighborhoods and around schools, lowering your carbon footprint and creating a healthy lifestyle.

Arlington will celebrate International Walk and Bike to School Day on Wednesday, October 8 this year. Throughout the entire month of October, many APS staff and PTAs will incorporate activities focusing on biking and walking into Arlington Public School curriculum.

Abingdon Elementary will be highlighted in 2008 in recognition of the school’s demonstrated commitment to walking as part of a healthy lifestyle.

County, APS officials, members of the media and other guests including RANGER RICK of the National Wildlife Federation will join Abingdon students and parents as they walk and bike their way to school together on October 8.

Educational activities and refreshments will be provided for participants at rest stops en route and at Abingdon when students arrive following their morning “commute.” A rally will be held on the school track before students head to class. Abingdon Elementary has long been recognized for its strong advocacy of walking.

There will be three rest stops that the Abingdon PTA will be staffing with volunteers serving juice and granola bars. We’ll have balloons at each rest stop to help mark the locations:

1. N. Fairlington Community Center location will be at the sidewalk that intersects with S. Abingdon St. (at the parking lot near the tennis courts).

2. Fire Station on S. Abingdon St.

3. Bike Trail intersecting S. 31st St.


Arlington Walkzone Map


International Walk to School

Bike Safety/Bike Arlington

National Wildlife Federation – Climate Classroom


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